The structure of the committee has been expanded to include 2 subcommittees on evangelism at Manet and Tudu branches from the single committee at the Ridge.

This is to enable more participation in the drawing up of effective activities on evangelism that will benefit all three congregations of the church.

In the case of Tudu the subcommittee also acts as a management sub-committee to encourage members of the congregation to take up responsibility in the operation of the mission post.



The main committee has a current membership of fifteen (15) members, with representation from all groups in the church. Currently only 8 members are active.


The evangelism committee uses witnessing and testimonies to carry out its mandate, using the following activities:

  • Outreaches

These are in the form of crusades and witnessing days which give members of the church the opportunity to go out and share with others the salvation gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Breakfast meetings

Two of such meetings are held every year to provide members the chance to fellowship whilst listening to testimonies of what God is doing in the lives of Christians and more importantly how he does them.

This encourages many to persevere in the face of trials and also helps those who have not given their lives to Christ come to a decision point.

Breakfast is served after which two guests (normally a member and non-member) are invited to share testimonies.

  • Film Evangelism

The committee shows four Christian blockbuster films in the year to encourage members in their walk with Christ. This currently is done only at the Ridge and needs to be extended to all the congregations.

  • Testimony & Tract Sundays

The power of testimonies in soul winning cannot be underestimated.

Testimony Sundays afford many more people the free opportunity to be encouraged through the sharing of testimonies and also give their lives to Christ.

This is because the breakfast meetings each host only a maximum of 150 people and is also a fee paying event.

Members are also encouraged to take two tracts to read and share with other to assist them in their personal evangelism effort.









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